About us

Our history

Our company, Weldmont Metalltechnik Kft., is a medium-sized, Hungarian metalworking and welding company established in 2010 in Esztergom (50 km north of Budapest). Our headquarters is also the location of our production facility, where we carry out structural steelwork construction and sheet metal processing in Hungary within the framework of supply contracts.

We have specialised in metal processing in Germany as our core business. We supply the German market with the following skilled professionals on the basis of contracts for work and services and, since 7 October 2011, as a temporary work agency:


  • Skilled welders [TIG, MIG/MAG]
  • Skilled metalworkers
  • Skilled automotive assembly technicians
  • Brake press operators [AMADA, Trumpf]
  • Industrial painters [paint sprayers, sandblasters]
  • Unskilled workers to perform various metal processing tasks

We operate an office in Rastatt (near Karlsruhe) for our business activities in Germany. Our young company has been able to acquire a substantial customer base in Southern Germany, ranging from family-run businesses to world-renowned public limited companies, and to successfully maintain its market position. With our currently more than 300 internationally experienced and highly qualified professionals, we have been supplying over 30 companies for more than 9 years. We offer these companies an affordable production alternative and a reliable partner in times of shortage of skilled labour.

In 2013, we managed to increase our market share in Germany by more than 15%. Furthermore, we obtained an unlimited licence for temporary agency work in October 2014.

Weldmont Metalltechnik Kft.
C.F.-Goerdelerstr. 5.
76437 Rastatt
Weldmont Metalltechnik Kft.
Pöltemberg u. 17.
2500 Esztergom
Structural steelwork construction and sheet metal processing